Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I have two cake layers in the oven, two waiting to go in, then I'm off to la la land for the night. This cake thing is fun--but I'm not really enjoying the mixing, baking, cleaning up, and thinking ahead to when I need what and do I have cake mixes/frosting/powdered sugar/oil/eggs on hand.

Busy day at school, even busier tomorrow. Meeting after school today, another one tomorrow then down to {that city down there} for a hair cut. I won't get home til after 7 or so tomorrow. Guess who's NOT baking cakes tomorrow?????

I really am enjoying all my classes this year, but there's one teacher(new to our school) I have got to train not to answer for her kids when I ask them a question. She's really bad about it-- I'll be looking right in the kid's face and ask him a question and she answers it. Today I finally said, "No--wait" and I think she realized what she's doing. So many teachers (and parents) have a hard time with the concept of "wait time". The silence must be awkward for them. Not me. I can wait with the best of 'em. Last year I asked a kid a question during a discussion in the library. This was a kid that never answers questions-- and I waited and waited. And waited. Not in a threatening "you'd better answer" way. It was a"take the time you need" way. And she did--and she answered with a great thought. The teacher told me later she was dying because it was taking so long---but she was amazed at the fact that the girl answered.

There you go.

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