Saturday, September 02, 2006

This blogging thing, 'tis weird it is. I read an article in the paper this week about blogging, and it said in reality only 1 out of 8 people blog. I think I know at least 8!

Lately I've been reading Planet Baub which I found on Ms. Sizzle Says which I found on some other blog (kind of like that six degrees of separation thing). I love Bob-- guy living in Hollywood, and he seems to know everyone famous or not. He seems like such a fun, interesting guy. Earlier this week I was at work and thought of something I'd read on Bob's blog earlier and laughed. I followed Ms. Sizzle's move from CA to WA state-- and her months looking for a job and trying to find her way in a new city, and then the birth of her SO cute nephew, Finn. I've read Snazzykat for a long time, and celebrated when they discovered they were pregnant, then read her first thing every day in the months before the baby came and then through Sammy's birth and subsequent open heart surgery at four days old. I feel like Pesky Apostrophe is someone I could meet at Starry Bucks and sit and chat with for awhile. I feel like I know these people, it's so weird.

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