Friday, September 01, 2006

So looking forward to sleeping in a little tomorrow morning, and since it's chilly outside it will be extra nice. I know it's a little misty outside right now, I hope it stays that way tomorrow! I had really hoped to go to the water park at some point this weekend (it's the last open weekend), but based on the weather forecast, it's not likely.

So many people at schools eemed to be dragging today and really glad when the day was done. M2 (principal) came and sat in on one of my first grade classes today--what a nice treat. He was very complimentary about my class and even checked out a book to take home to read to his son.

I've done pretty much nothing tonight except watch some TV and try to put things away during commercials. I'm not that motivated, can you tell? This weekend will be spent getting thigns straightened up around the old homestead-- since school has started I've not been very diligent about that. I've also had a netflix movie for a long time and need to get that watched, as well as two others I've had for a couple of weeks.

Time to brush the toofies and go night night.

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