Monday, October 02, 2006

Another day, another...twenty-five cents.

Pretty busy at work today-- good busy, but still busy. Last cake decorating class tonight-- also busy. Normally the two hour class is only about 90 minutes, but tonight we were decorating our final cakes. We were making the whole cake (except the top) look like a basket. The technique was actually pretty easy, but man, my wrist was giving out toward the end. Pictures tomorrow (of the cakes, not my wrist).

Something's wrong with my washer-- it does everything it's supposed to but spin the clothes at the end. It makes the sound like it's draining the water, and it does drain the water, but that's all it does, even after all the water is drained--makes that sound. The final spin is kind of an important step in the washing process, I'm thinking. This weekend I had a load that included a sweater-- everything else was pretty easy to wring out but that sweater was a pain. And when clothes are really, really wet (like dripping) when they go in the dryer-- it takes waaaay longer to get them dry. Also a pain. And lots of energy expended-- not mine, but the expensive energy conglomerate kind. I think I'll just blame it on George W.

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