Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today we got together and celebrated the birthdays of my niece (25) and nephew (19). Their actual birthdays aren't until the 3rd and the 13th, but next weekend is Pugs in the Park, you know, and A's dogs just couldn't miss THAT.

This photo shows Amanda figuring out the bill and who is going to pay what. Notice the pointed pen and the raised eyebrows-- she's serious about this business. Me? I think we should just all take turns each time-- one time my mom pays the $150 bill, next time my sister, next time me, next time Amanda. I think that sounds fair, right?

Afterwards I took my mom to the grocery store to pick up some things she needed. She was kind of in a hurry--I think she thought I wanted to get going, but I guess next time I need to tell her she really can take her time.

Tonight I baked a two-layer Red Devil cake for decorating class tomorrow night. We're learning a basket weave technique that will cover the whole cake and make it look like a basket. I guess that's why it's called the basket weave. Tomorrow is the last session for this course. We're taking some time off and will complete the third course in January. We've got a lot going on coming up in the next couple of months so not taking the next course will help a lot. Mark you calendars for Dec 8-9-10--our theatre group is doing a Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol. They did an abbreviated version last year and it was so good. Rehearsals start Oct 20 and they are Fri nights and Sun afternoons. I'm not in the cast, but I'll probably work behind the scenes.

Where does the weekend go?

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