Saturday, October 07, 2006

Talk about a ton of memories.....

Tonight there's a marathon of Monkees television episodes--- man, did I love me some Monkees. I was in 7th and 8th grade and my bedroom walls were plastered (the wall was completely covered) with pictures from 16 and Tiger Beat magazine. Every Monday night I would sit in front of the television with a little reel to reel tape player and I would record every episode. I still have my Monkees fan club packet and I know somewhere I have a couple of photos from the Monkees concert here in Denver at that time. I just remember the security guard is also in the picture and he has cotton in his ears.

Bad news about the washing machine. The repair guy said it was the circuit board and guessed it would probably be around $400 to repair. Since a new washer costs about $280, that won't be happening. The washer doesn't belong to me, so I'm waiting to hear what the next step will be. Dang, I really needed to do some laundry today!

No cake decorating class tomorrow night (after 8 weeks of classes it feels weird, but the break will be nice)-- but someone special at school has a birthday on Tuesday, so I'll probably do a cake tomorrow and decorate it Monday night. I'll probably do one for my nephew this week, too. Shhh--that's a secret.

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