Thursday, October 05, 2006

Way too much going on everywhere-- too many meetings, too many expectations, too many new ways/units to teach-- I'm glad I got out of the classroom when I did, because if I hadn't I'd been long gone from teaching by now.

Spent the morning at a special technology seminar-- and while parts of it were kind of interesting I felt like as a whole it was just so-so. When you know there's no money or staff development or district support to implement the ideas, it's kind of hard to stay tuned in. Tomorrow I (and all the other librarians) will be spending the whole work day with the seminar leader --hopefully not doing more of the same. I am so stopping at SB on the way tomorrow morning.

Today in my little city paper I saw a photo and an article about a kid in my school that's going door to door asking people if they want to sign a petition to stop negative campaign ads. I was completely surprised because this is the most consistently negative, cranky kid I've ever met. In the article it said he was going to go to the governor with the petition and then to each candidate. And this is a kid that has no motivation to listen to one darn thing said by teachers.

Thanks to CP and RH I have someone coming to look at my washer this Saturday! They wanted to come Friday but well, you know it's kind of hard to be here and working at the same time. On Monday I called to make an appointment with S*ears and they couldn't come for TWO whole weeks, and wanted me to wait from 8-5 all day for the appointment. The girl who was in customer service was anything but customer friendly. She actually sounded like she was reading the answer to every question I asked. When I told her that their website said I could request either an 8-12 appt or a 1-5 appt, she said "Well, I could "request" that, but you might not get it". I told her that didn't work for me. Silence. Long silence. Like she was waiting to see if I would keep asking. I didn't disappoint her. And she still had no answer. Aaaggghh.

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