Monday, November 20, 2006

Hopefully I will only have a few more days until my computer is fixed. Someone loaned me their laptop with wireless, but last week and this weekend were too busy for me to go somewhere and try it out. Right now I'm at the new library and it's like a teenage party--they are chasing each other around the room, yelling, you name it. What ever happened to "shhhh--you're in a library?"

The weird thing about only getting to post once a week or so is that by the time you actually start posting everything that happened in the last week it all seems so unimportant and mundane. When you can sit down at the computer as soon as something happens or as soon as you think of something, it seems so much more funny or interesting. Hmm... wonder what that says about my life?

The book fair is packed and gone--it was picked up this afternoon. Our sales were around $9,000--give or take a hundred or so. This total is up quite a bit from years past -- so that was a nice surprise. I didn't do nearly the publicity for the book fair that I usually do, but we did get a new marquee out front of the school and I really so think that helped remind people about the book fair. We got some walk in sales from the neighborhood--that was good.

Last week I found out our PTA won't be paying for an author visit this year (no surprise--they never do). My reaction--I'm not doing an author visit at all this year. I'm done, finito, no more. In the last 5 years I've spent nearly $4500 of my library budget on author visits and I think I'm done. Every other school I know of that has author visits has them paid for by their PTA--I'm not sure why ours won't. The whole process of getting them to pay for anything is so complicated and annoying anyway, I get tired of putting the effort into it and then not being on the list to get $$.

I spent Sunday scrapbooking with CP and FL. I spent the whole time working on my school photos, and FL spent the whole time making little boxes and envelopes and things. They were so cute! We had a good time as usual-- and as usual had some comments from people around us about how silly and rowdy we were (funny comments, not disparaging ones).

I've been sick with lots of cold-type symptoms the past couple of weeks--last week during the book fair I was sicker than I've been in a little while. Good timing! I'm much better today but I have a cough that will not go away--very annoying.

I went to do that name analysis thing from other blogs, but the results were so unlike me I'm not posting it. When I did a different one with my longer first name it was a little more accurate, but it really asks for a person's most-used first name, so I guess that's supposed to be the one to pay attention to. I don't think most of the characteristics of my zodiac sign are ever accurate either, so I guess I'm just a mismatched entity all the way around. And believe me, I feel it.

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