Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm not in a very good mood today. SOMEone is annoying me and has been for quite awhile. Last night was one more reason to be annoyed. Friday night--going downtown for the theater. I dress up as usual, and when I meet up with said person I see he's wearing what he wears to work--jeans with frayed hems, sort of wrinkled shirt, completely wrinkled jacket. "I wish I'd known you weren't dressing up". "You should have asked me on the phone" "Why in the world would I ask you? I've never asked. When you dress down you always tell me. " "Oh, point taken". Enough said.

Last night I went to see How I Lost My Denvirginity downtown. Short skits, a little improv-- some funny stuff, some not so funny stuff, some okay stuff. A lot of raunchy stuff. And some stuff I just didn't get.

So. The eggnog drinks at you-know-where. I had one yesterday morning and while it wasn't horrible, I sure don't remember it being as sickeningly sweet as this one was. "It's eggnog, you dork". Yes, but it's also cut with milk and chai. Last night had a small one and had them use half the eggnog--and that was not sweet enough. Maybe I need to just stick with my usual and get over the eggnog thing.

So did you all go vote yet? I voted early last week. If you don't vote, don't even think about complaining about anything that has to do with the government. People that don't exercise their right to have a voice shouldn't have a right to have a voice.

I'm at the library right now and each time I come to use the computer (at least two or three times a week) there is some mom with kids that wants her kids to go read a magazine or go away or leave her alone so she can do her computer thing with no interruptions. Sometimes the kids are little (three years old) and today it's a teenager. Come on people, either come when you don't have to ignore your kids or don't come.

Yes, I'm a little annoyed by small things today.

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