Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Home from dinner--unscathed. :-)

I had all kinds of things I was going to write about tonight, but darned if I can remember even one of them.

I know I am really looking forward to the weekend. Since the show is done, B is a little more available. Fri night we're going to see Sweet Charity downtown, and Sat we'll probably make the gingerbread house. We were going to do it tomorrow night but I'm volunteering tomorrow and Thurs nights. Sunday I'm joining a group of pals (and RR is coming too!) to see a funny show at the ACenter. I do feel kind of guilty going without B, mostly because theatre is something we always do together, but this is a girl's day out so it didn't include him. I could tell he was disappointed when I told him--especially since it will be at the brand new theatre at the Center.

In the last few day's mail were several Christmas cards--which I love-- but what I really love is that a few of them included photos. Yipppeee!! I have a special scrapbook album specifically for those Christmas photos I get, and in recent years the number of photos has really dwindled. What's really pathetic is that in an entire year of photos, I have absolutely nothing that I can use for my own card this year. I didn't travel anywhere, or take any photos of anything but family, school, and that's about it. I have a great one of KT and Amanda and me from Thanksgiving, but Daniel isn't in it so it doesn't feel right using that one.

Time for some ice cream.

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