Monday, December 04, 2006

A productive day at school--albeit an unusually slow one in the library. I was fighting great fatigue, as I slept very, very poorly last night. I remember tossing quite a bit and waking up periodically throughout the night. I went to be d about ans hour later than usual, so I'm sure that was a contributor. I was also wearing a different pair of bifocals this afternoon (stronger ones) so that gave me a bit of a headache.

Tonight I had a message from my stepmom, asking me to call her back tonight. I called, she asked if I could meet her and my dad tomorrow night. No info more than that, which makes me think I'm in trouble for something. I'm guessing it's the stocking situation. I expressly told my niece I wasn't upset (because she asked), I was just disappointed. Based on past history in my family, that means upset and that's probably what was translated to my dad and stepmom. It's kind of weird that here I am a completely grown adult woman and I feel like I'm in trouble with my dad.

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