Sunday, December 17, 2006

So much to write about... but don't want to. I feel like so much of what I write is complaining, negative, etc... Plus I feel I have to censor some things I want to write about, because of who reads here. Frustrating.

Busy, busy weekend. Watched movies Fri night, watched a movie Sat afternoon, my staff party was last night, went to the ACenter this afternoon to see a show. Fun events, just time consuming. Added to the fact that I don't feel great, can't breathe, am super-tired (why is it that sinus congestion stuff makes you so fatigued?)--and that all makes me happy we only have four days of school this week.

The staff party was okay--it certainly wasn't the fun evening I had hoped for. I guess I need to keep remembering I am not a crowd person. I don't make small talk very well, I don't do well putting myself out there to meet new people (husbands/wives, etc..).I really don't ever feel like I have anything interesting to say, so I tend not to say much. It wasn't a bad night at all-- but it wasn't what I was hoping for for me personally. It just reinforced for me that I am a loner on the staff-- no matter how much it doesn't look like I am when I'm at school. It may have been the catalyst I needed to realize it may be time to move on.

I'm getting my iMac repaired this Friday-- at least that's the plan. One reason I am really looking forward to having it fixed is to get the 150 pictures off my memory card from my camera and back onto the computer. I usually load them onto my computer on a regular basis, and clear the card. I'm not used to having so many pics on the card--it's bugging me.

I got all my stocking stuffers for my family and it only cost 6.00 for all of them. I may go get more-- I really like doing that kind of stuff. Tomorrow night I'd like to bake some sugar cookies (I have the best recipe in the universe) but if I get home after 5 like I usually do, no way. I want them for our secret Santa party at school on Tuesday, so will probably leave school right after spelling bee practice. What was I thinking--spelling bee practice this week? Sometimes I wonder about myself.

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