Saturday, December 02, 2006

Two shows down, one to go. Tonight was really interesting--a few mess ups but they just plowed right through. B and another cast member start the shop by walking out in front of the curtain and sing a song. B started his part and then just stopped-- he couldn't remember any of it. The accompanist kept playing and later I found out was mouthing the words for him, but he wasn't getting it. I'm sitting behind the set (as stage manager) and I hear him say "Can you start over?" Ugh-- I felt bad for him. There were also a couple of times that Scrooge was having a hard time--at one point near the end someone brings his coat and top hat out for him and he puts them on. Tonight he could NOT get the darn coat on-- the sleeves kept getting caught. As he kept he trying he finally said, "There will be a floor show later" in his Scrooge voice--it was so funny. Then when he finally got his coat on he couldn't remember the beginning of the song, and he looked at the guy who had brought him the coat and said very Scrooge-like, "How the devil does this song start?". This guy is so good at adlibbing--it was very funny. There was another point where he couldn't get his nightshirt on and he said, "Why couldn't they invent Velcro during this time period?"

I'm so glad I get to sleep in tomorrow. Especially since it's so cold.

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