Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday nights are sad-- you want to stay up and hang out in your jammies and watch tv or surf the 'net, but you know you need to go to bed because that Monday morning alarm goes off way too early.

The show went really well this afternoon-- no mishaps, and everyone did great. During the curtain call the producer did something they never, ever do. After they acknowledged the accompanist, they called me out on stage and acknowledged me as stage hand. That just really never happens-- the backstage people are the unknown helpers.

Ater we all struck the set and put all the chairs away and loaded everything out, B and I went to dinner then we wandered around B&N for a bit. I really enjoy the times we do that--tonight we sat in the SB cafe and just chatted.Either tomorrow night opr Wed night we're making a gingerbread house for me to put in the library at school. Last year I bought The Ultimate Kit on sale--should be interesting!

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