Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy moment of the day--the computer guy just sent me an email saying he was able to recover everything from my hard drive, and did I want it? Yippee! ALL of my photos!!!!!

Last night I drove (very slowly) to Cherry Creek to a sports bar for a 50th birthday party. I was kind of dreading it for a couple of reasons--B wasn't going to get there until much later due to another commitment and I really hate walking into those things by myself, and I knew I wouldn't know a lot of people. It turned out to be really, really fun. It was in a separate room and the food was pretty good as well. She had a dj she had gotten through the local oldies station and she had picked all the music ahead of time.The music was GREAT (way too loud for us old people!) and we danced and danced--I hadn't really danced since college. I was thinking I want to do something like that when I retire (whenver that may be). They gave everyone two coupons good for free drinks at the bar, after that you paid for your own. I thought that was a great idea---most people don't drink more than two, anyway.There were a few people there from the Gilbert & Sullivan group--they were actually the most fun of anyone at the party.

Yesterday after the computer guy left I got back into my pajamas and did nothing all day. I actually crawled back into bed about 3:00 and napped. It's kind of looking like today might be more of the same!

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