Friday, January 05, 2007

Pardon me while I get a tissue.... the computer guy just left and my iMac is toast. He put in a brand new hard drive, and it was still not working. He changed the slot where the memory was--still didn't work. He did everything he could-- and bad, bad words appeared on the screen. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! He did take my old hard drive to see if he could recover anything for me (since it didn't seem to be a hard drive issue). I hope he can get my pictures back!

I think today will be a pajama day--seems like a good day for that. The Barefoot Contessa made a yummy looking corn chowder today--I sure wish I had the ingredients to make it! There's a big birthday party tonight for someone in our Gilbert and Sullivan group-- B has something else he has to do before he goes, so I have to drive myself. I'm really not looking forward to driving to the Cherry Creek area at 6:00 tonight. I'm sure it will be fun once I ge tther-- but driving after a day of cold and snow--yuck.

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