Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I feel yucky, oh so yucky, so yucky and icky and blah...... (apologies to Natalie Wood and Leonard Bernstein).

Went to the doctor today--it was one of those "drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest---give us $25.00 please" appointments. By the time the doctor finally came in I was about ready to leave. My appt was at 2:00, I got there at 1:45. I sat until 2:30, then finally was put in some procedure room that looked more like a storage room. Finally at 2:55 in comes the doctor. And not the dr I had made the appt with. I know these things happen, but when you don't feel well and all you want is someone to make you feel better, it's not helpful to feel like no one knows you're there.

I probably wouldn't go to work tomorrow either, but I really need to get things organized for the geography bee, which is on Friday. There's talk of a lot of snow, if that's the case then I'm hoping for a snow day again. I could get used to this.

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