Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cough, hack, blow, cough hack, blow... that's about been my day so far.

I worked the front desk at the theatre tonight--it actually did me good to get up, showered and out of the house. I'm sure you can relate to that feeling of staying in your pj's for days on end when you're sick, and it makes you feel sick, then when you actually force yourself to rejoin the living out in the real world, it helps you feel a little better. If I could stop coughing I'd be happy.

I made chicken noodle soup on Sat and it was yummy, but I never enjoy it very much as left overs. I'm kind of picky about leftovers--I can't stand anything warmed over that has ground beef or steak or something like that.While the soup doesn't have either of those, the carrots are so mushy now--as are the noodles. Why am I thinking about this right now? Because hot, fresh, chicken noodle soup sounds so good right now. I guess I'll need to start making one or two serving batches.

For two days I've had the tv on during the day--and I can't believe how many of those court shows there are. And the people on them (not the judges, necessarily) are idiots.

Commerical I am so tired of because it's so stupid-- the flat hair commercial where the girl and guy are making out and he discovers all these little balled up pieces of tissues in her hair. Beyond dumb.

Nighty night.

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