Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's pretty bad when all you can think about all day at work is how much you want to go home. Physically I feel a little better--I'm just happy my throat and my ears don't hurt anymore. The coughing, though...oh, the coughing. Little, dry, continual coughs. Annoying and irritating. And The other bad part is that I feel really tired--I'm good til around noon, then I'm completely out of energy. I'm faking it pretty well, though.

This afternoon I had a class of second graders that just about sent me over the bend. They had a substitute, and were wiggly (not a problem, they ARE second graders) but they would not shut up. They blurted out things while I was reading (one of my pet peeves) and would not follow directions for anything. At the end of class before I dismissed them I said, "You will never, ever behave like this in my classroom again. Ever". They got really quiet and that was the end of class. One thing I have done this year is not call the room "the library". I call it my classroom-- which it is. I've noticed that most kids seem to have a lot more respect for the room and me when I do.

And that's that.

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