Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random Tuesday musings......

--Haircut tomorrow-- can't wait.
--Principal Man looked hot today. See RR's blog for details. Fortunately, I'm a lot older than her and I've learned how to shut my mouth. I did tell him he looked hot really nice today, and asked if he was going to a big meeting. He said no, he was just getting sick of all his clothes. I know a teacher that would love to have some to wear around her house.
--Four furry rodents gone. One million to go. Gross factor is still in the bazillions.
--To the people who use the restroom by the lounge at my school: If you stand up and see a few curlies on the rim, for the love of all that is holy GET A TISSUE AND GET 'EM INTO THE BOWL. I am so tired of doing it for you. I like all of you and everything, but there is a limit.
--I'm feeling a lot better than I have been for a long time, but my sinuses are hurting big time tonight.
--I'm so glad I'm not still a classroom teacher. Those people have it rough these days.
--For the last week I've been craving those mongo cinnamon rolls from the good-smelling store in every mall. Bad, bad for me, good, good for my mouth.

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