Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tomorrow night is our last cake decorating class of this session. Neither B or I are taking any cake to decorate-- he's sick (blames and I just didn't feel like spending the day baking two cakes, making icing, making flowers, and cleaning everything up. I'm pretty sure we're both still going to class, but we'll just watch the other people (there are only two) do their cakes. We will both make a final cake at some point, just not tomorrow night. I am planning on taking this class again sometime--I really didn't participate much because I felt so lousy. I doubt I'll take it down in Or-ror-ah though--I'll take it up here on my end of town.

I'm looking forward to going to bed tonight, but am really not looking forward to getting up in the a.m. Last week I barely made it to school everyday by the first bell (except the day I had a.m. duty, and then the other person never showed up out there). A couple of days I actually went back and laid down in bed after I got out of the shower. That's a bad thing to do-- it would be so bad if I fell asleep and woke up after school had started!

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