Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ahhh…. I love getting a massage. After the coughing fiasco at my massage a few weeks ago, tonight was heavenly. I love Nicole. In a massage therapist kind of way. I asked her to only work on my neck, shoulders, and feet. She did some pretty heavy-duty trigger point massage and wow did she find some spots. A couple of them sent shocks down my arms while she put pressure on the points. It sure felt good afterwards, though.

Today I thought of all kinds of things I wanted to write about. Now, nothing. I can’t remember any of them. One thing I did notice yesterday is that when I greet my principal in the hall or walk by his office and say hi, he always calls me by my first and last name together. He’s probably just trying to sound friendly or something-—kind of like when I’m being silly with the kids in the library and do the same thing, but it sounds kind of weird when the Big Guy does it.

Last night we saw the show "Legends" with JCollins and LEvans. Bleh. What a disappointment. It was like a long episode of Dynasty, but with older people. It was so scripted, so predictable. There were a few funny lines, but for the most part-- uninteresting. From the balcony they both looked pretty good-- but hard to say. It WAS from the balcony. Dinner was good--and so was the killer chocolate coconut cheesecake we had for dessert. Mmmmmm.

This weekend I am going to a show at the ACenter, and two other couples that are coming are parents of kids I had eons ago (seriously—their kids are all grown and one has his own kids now). These are two people who became very close friends, and we’ve kind of lost touch over the years. One of them sent me an email today inviting me to their house before the show for drinks and appetizers—I am so looking forward to that. These are really fun people—so it should be a good time.

This summer we are having our 35th high school reunion (RR and ET shut up. I know, I know… you haven’t even lived that long). I’ve been in contact with quite a few people about some early planning we are doing at the moment and it’s been so fun to reconnect with them, We have a big reunion every five years—mostly because we get a really good turnout and we all really like getting together. We always do a bus to Blackhawk on Thur night, classmates night at a bar on Fri, dinner dance on Sat and a family picnic on Sun. So you all mark your calendars for Aug 9 so you can come to Blackhawk with us. We need to fill that bus and you’d love these people. Go ahead—get a pen and mark your calendar. Yes, you too, Spencer. I know you don’t blog much so you’ll surely have time to go to Blackhawk.

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