Thursday, February 01, 2007

I feel like I've been driving for hours.

Today I went to a reading conference way down south from where I live--I go to this conference every year and have since....oh... forever and ever. Today I didn't head out until around after 9:00--I didn't really care if I missed any sessions, I actually didn't care if I even went to any sessions. I was just happy to be out of school today. The kdg teacher I do a lot with did a presentation with me this afternoon, then we hung around a little while I chatted with people I hadn't seen in a while. We had already made plans to go out to eat before we headed home, since it would be right at the height of rush hour traffic. Good thing we did, because it was snowing and the wind was blowing quite a lot down there.We headed to Mac-ah-ronee Grill and man was it yummy.I haven't eaten there for a few years--and I got the same thing I always do and loved every little bite. My sister will be happy I got to go there because now I won't ask to go there for my birthday (D hates that restaurant). It took us about an hour to get to her house (close to my school) then I had to stop and get gas because if I didn't get it tonight I would've had to get it in the morning and I really didn't want to do that.

Today I went to one session (and only one session) and actually wrote two things down that the presenter did that annoyed me. I thought, "good for the blog". It was a session that gave ideas on using the nominated books on this award list that I use a lot in my library classes. One of the books is KnuffleBunny and she kept calling it K-nuffleBunny (she was saying the "K" instead of making it silent). She also kept saying "pitchers" for the word "pictures". Ack! Our last principal also did that and it about drove me around the bend. One of my worst pet peeves though is when people don't pronounce "ing" properly. So many people say "een" at the end of those words.

I know, I'm picky.

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