Thursday, March 08, 2007

CP and I are at the library using the public computers. There's no end to how wild and crazy we are on a school night.

We took SG out to dinner tonight--29 year old son of MG who lives back east. It was great fun--and the food was yummy. When we walked in they sat us right next to a table full of teacher people I've known for a long time. Small world. He is such a great guy--easy to talk to, good listener--we had a good time.

School has been crazy busy this week--which has surprised me enormously. I've enjoyed all the activity in the library but I'm sure looking forward to my weekend. I have a few busy things here and there but nothing like last weekend. Spring break is in two weeks, then book fair is at the end of April, then school will almost out. It's going to go fast.

Bring it on.

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