Monday, March 05, 2007

I really need to clean up my blog roll, but don't feel like doing it while I have the minutes ticking away here at the library.

Speaking of the library--I'm at the location where so many months ago I wrote about the rude, loud teenagers running hither and yon and making a general nuisance of themselves. It's way later than they would usually be here, but I'm noticing there's now a security guard in the computer section. Weird. But it's really quiet!

School was a little different today-- I'm working with a couple of different groups of kids on research projects. I really enjoy it, but it's a little different because one of the groups only has two kids and they are in first grade. Have you ever tried to do a research project with a first grader? Even a really capable and smart first grader? One kid is researching Ancient Egypt, and the other one is researching jaguars. Quite the range of interest. One thing I do love is listening to kids talk (little kids, anyway--sixth graders are just boring to listen to) while they are working and I'm not sitting right with them. They are so funny.

CP and I are taking a friend's adult son out to dinner this week-- it's the friend we went to high school with and went to visit over Christmas winter break. He moved out here and while he's gregarious and doesn't have a hard time meeting people here, we're going to make him sit with two middle aged high school friends of his mother's and act like he's having a good time. Actually, he's a really great kid (okay, adult) and I'm sure we'll all have a good time. And besides, we'll earn some brownie points with his mom. AND we can tell him embarassing stories about her--like the time on graduation day when she fell (well..."rolled" would be more like it) down a flight of stairs in a dress and her graduation gown at the high school and when we went down to see if she was okay all she could say was "Did you guys see anything?

Yeah, fun times.

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