Thursday, March 22, 2007

Okay, here's a picture I'm pretty sure hasn't been posted.

This was way back in October when we went to the circus only to see the ringmaster, Chuck Wagner. CW was the lead in the touring company of Jekyll and Hyde back in 1999-2000. When that show came to Denver, B and I both went several times, but didn't know each other yet. I ended up traveling to Chicago Raleigh, and Houston to see the show and meet others who knew each other through CW's message board. After B and I saw the show in Denver we both starting posting on CW's board and started replying to each other's posts, and then realized we lived 30 minutes form each other.

I love this picture for a couple of reasons--I love Chuck in this picture, and I love B's beard. Me however--that I could do without in this picture! It's not awful, just not my favorite.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow at work. It's the last day before spring break and I have a feeling everyone will be in such a good mood. Today was a long, long day. I sat in on the team meetings with the principal and the instructional coach. I only sat in on four of them but man, by the end I was exhausted. They all do this once a month but this is my first one. It was valuable, I learned a lot, and I'll keep doing it but whew--next time I'll take my vitamins.

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