Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thoughts about popcorn...

I like popcorn--a lot. Our p.e. teacher pops a bag every day and eats it at lunch. ET burns pops those little 100 calorie light butter popcorn bags every now and then. I really like the idea of the 100 calorie bags, because to figure out the calories for a regular bag of popcorn requires a slide rule and multiple algorithms.

When B and I watch movies here, we almost always make microwave popcorn (and we each have a cup of hot tea with it). I don't particularly care for "light" butter popcorn-- it still tastes too much like air popped to me (dry and almost tasteless). Imagine my joy when I found 100 calorie bags of regular butter popcorn recently-- I bought a box of 12 packages.

Now the problem. We went through three bags last night. Kind of defeats the purpose, I'm thinking.

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