Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where's the sun that was supposed to be out in all its glory today?

Yesterday two great things happened-- B put on a new doorknob for me and also brought me a computer Boggle game. The doorknob--I've been needing to get a new one sooooo long now. The key would go into the previous one, but not without herculean effort. And then trying to turn the doorknob to open it was an effort in itself, then trying to remove the key and also relock the door from the inside--well, let's say I can do it all only because I do it at least twice a day, but those who have come to feed my cat or drop off presents and let neighborhood cats in at the same time, they struggle. So new doorknob--yaay! I was going to try to do it myself because on the package it said "easy installation!" but I'm so glad B offered. There were a few quirks and he had to dink around with a couple parts to get it to latch. I never would have known all those little tricks he did.

And the Boggle-- he definitely earned some brownie points with that one. Recently, we've been stopping to play Boggle on computers at stores. One time at Costco we played forever it seemed. I forgot my new computer had it so Fri night we played a little. It's a temporary version--eventually you have to buy it. He stopped at an office supply store yesterday before he came here and saw the game and bought it. Yippeeee! I love Boggle--mostly because I'm not too bad at it.

Today--bumming around, going to the bank, washing my bed linens. Probably watch a movie as well. Last night we watched Matador (Pierce Brosnan). Bleh--it was awful.

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