Sunday, April 29, 2007

I just checked the weather forecast for the week... I don't think I'll get out of a.m. playground duty again this week. Ah well, three weeks in a row was a gift.

My wonderful volunteers set up the book fair Wed morning--and the rest of the week was a continuous parade of classes coming in to preview and make wish lists. By Friday afternoon I was ready to be done. The set up looks great--but it always reminds me a lot of decorating for Christmas (which I really haven't done for oh, probably 15 years). It looks great and is fun to do, but when you pack everything away and get your house (library) back again, you are so glad to have it all packed away again. The picture here is the book fair in the fall--the one now looks the same but with all blue table cloths. Personally, I like the red and yellow better, I think. By the end of last week I only had 2 volunteers to help set up--which is not nearly enough. I grabbed the school directory and started emailing all the moms I knew pretty well and that I knew volunteer for most things around the school. Within a couple of hours I had ten volunteers--it was great!! I also got lots more volunteers to help tear down on Thursday--thank goodness!
This afternoon I watched the movie Wordplay--all about people who do crossword puzzles (it actually focused on the NY Times puzzles and the people who create those), and a big national tournament held every March in Connecticut. It was actually pretty interesting--even though I'm not really much of a puzzle do-er. I like crosswords, I just like easier ones, though! One thing I did notice is that all these people complete their puzzles differently than I ever have--I just go clue by clue in order, and all these people worked on completing whole sections like the upper left corner, upper right corner, etc.. These documentaries now include one about Scrabb!e, and one about bingo. The bingo one was pretty bad-- it wasn't very well made.

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