Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm trying really hard to leave comments on blogs, in hopes of reciprocation. I'm sure you all know how disheartening it is to check your blog every day and see not one person has commented.

Today was SO slow at my book fair--we had maybe ten kids come in all day. After school was busy, but not nearly as busy as usual after school. I don't think we'll get even close to what we usually raise--but that's okay, actually. The one thing I do enjoy is talking to the kids in small groups or one on one when they come in during the day, and today there wasn't much opportunity for that. Hopefully tomorrow will be busier. I'm at school til 8 p.m. on Tuesday--late night for sure. Spencer--want to come work the book fair? come on--you know you want to.

About 3:20 this afternoon there was an announcement on the p.a. system that the trash truck was trying to pick up the trash from the dumpster but there was a black Honda in front of the dumpster and it needed to be moved. When no one went out to move it, the people in the office realized the car belonged to T, the custodian that works after school. I told them she's probably up at the cottages, and if she was vacuuming, she wouldn't be able to hear the announcement. The secretary and the other custodian had a "oh well" kind of attitude. Someone else standing in the office asked if there was any way to contact T, and they both said "nope" (with the "oh well" attitude). I can't believe how lazy these people are. I left the office and walked up to cottages and found T and told her. Wow, that was really a challenge to figure out. And guess what--the cottages have PHONES, too! Honestly, how about a little friendly random act of kindness, people. I'm so tired of the "it's not my problem" attitude that so many people have. And I know RR will agree.

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