Sunday, May 20, 2007

Brain Bullets

  • I love this template. I know probably a million other people have it, too, but not with my mix of colors. These colors make me happy.
  • When is an IKEA going to come here? I would think there would be one at Flatty-Irons by now.
  • My brain is about to explode from a huge decision I need to make. It's huge, people. So huge it's taking over all my neurons.
  • I have new jeans on, and they stink. In the smelly kind of way, that is. Normally I kind of like that "new clothing smell" but seriously, these reek.
  • On Thursday I participated in what we call "emotional shopping". I don't do it very often, but I knew I was in trouble when I walked out of the house and actually said out loud, "I don't know where I'm going or why, but I need to buy something". I ended up with a new quilt/bed-cover. This is my weakness when I'm emotional shopping--bed linens and towels.
  • I'm kind of dreading the author visit at school tomorrow. It's the end of the year and I've got a million and one things to get done and it's just in the way. I know it will be great and fun and all that but it's taking up my day!
  • We had our year-end "retirement" get-together after school on Friday. The house was lovely (perfect for a party) and the food was great, but I didn't really have that much fun. The boss-man was annoying me to no end, and I was surprised at how few people actually showed up this year. One of the people we were honoring didn't even bother to come, and quite a few people left early.
  • Sometimes I think I should have changed schools again about 3 years ago. The one thing that would have been not great about that is I never would have met RR.


Laurie said...

You had one called (something) Apostrophe.
I thought you sold, like, 2-3 comforters at your yard sale!!! Silly head... listen, just yesterday I was out and about and actually had to SAY OUT LOUD TO MYSELF, "Don't buy it just because it exists!" And I didn't! So then today, I had to go out and buy a bunch of plants and stuff. Because of my renowned green thumb and all.

Cyndi said...

Saw "Wicked" on Saturday night and LOVED the show. Everything was great about it in my opinion, would love to see it again.

rr said...

Oh! Thank you! Not meeting you would have been very sad. :)

What was the boss man doing that was irritating you so badly? Well, besides his usual stuff that irritates you.

I really think the location kept people from coming to the party. When we had it at my house and Kerry's house, over 50 people were there. Nobody wants to drive to that city.