Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm such a dork. I was getting a little annoyed that no one was commenting lately, then I go to log in and I see "4 comments need to be moderated". New template = new things to learn.

So what do the following things all have in common?
  • hit by a Mack truck
  • wrung out
  • run over by a steam roller

Yep--these are all terms that describe how I felt today and now. I was up way past my bedtime last night--went to rehearsal and didn't get to bed until nearly midnight. I've had two really busy days with events at school that I planned and was responsible for, and now they're done and I'm glad. Normally this week and next week I have no classes, no groups, no special events. For me these last two weeks of school are usually reserved for weeding out-of-date materials, getting the shelves organized for inventory, working on next year's schedule, trying to get kids' and teachers' materials returned and checked in, and this year--unpacking and cataloging the new math materials...just for starters. But this year--I had an author visit all day on Monday, today the children's librarian spent the morning doing talks for each grade level promoting the summer reading club at the libraries. Add to that, fifth grade research groups every day--morning and afternoon, and all because I'm kind of afraid of the teacher and couldn't tell her no.

Yes, I AM over fifty years old and I'm still afraid of the teacher.

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