Thursday, May 17, 2007

Even though several of my family and friends who came with us didn't really care for it, I LOVED the show this week. It was my second time seeing it and while my favorite Elphaba is IM (even though I've never seen her perform it live), I loved these people as well. I did think it was SO stuffy in the theatre, I did have a seat that had a hole in the cushion and could feel the frame underneath, but honestly, I hardly noticed those things most of the time. I wish I had bought tickets for more performances--this one is really high on my "thumbs-up" list. Am I disappointed in other's reactions it it? Absolutely. I guess I love the show so much that I want everyone else to love it as well, even it that is unreasonable. And I know I was hoping for a feeling of "wow--wasn't this fun, we had such a great time!" I do have that feeling personally for myself, but am disappointed it didn't happen for others. Ah well, I learned a big lesson. No more groups seats for me anymore. Too many expectations (hopes) on my part.

I also didn't like that B and I were so much later than usual in getting to our seats. There were nine of us at dinner and after we were served, we were pretty much abandoned and we were later than usual leaving for the theatre. When we are just ourselves we have our routine down pat, always have time for either dessert or sbx and are always in our seats about a half an hour before the show. This time, we got to our seats about 10 minutes before the show. I know for some people that's considered early. Not us. I stopped and got a poster after the show and will go back downtown next week and hang at the stage door after the show to get it signed. I have several posters of shows I've seen that are signed by the casts--they always seem to appreciate the asking, and it's fun to talk to them.

What a weird week this has been--short deadlines for a lot of paperwork I have to complete for this technology thing our area is getting next year, full (and I mean f-u-l-l) teaching days Mon and Tues, and other assorted year-end this and that, which makes my day challenging. On Monday we were supposed to get the eval forms to fill out for our assistants. I didn't get one Mon, Tues, Wed or today, so this morning I ask the secretary if I was supposed to fill one out. She started running all over the office, moaning and mumbling "Did I give you one? What did I do with that? Was I the one who was supposed to give it to you?" What's that you ask? Why, yes! I do work with a couple of whack jobs. But most are really nice whack jobs.

I took yesterday off to do something I have needed to do for awhile (spending book fair $$ at the warehouse) and had such a lovely day. Went to have lunch with the buddy boy, then went downtown to hang out at my niece's restaurant for couple of hours. Even though she had work to do and couldn't come sit with me until later and then only for a half hour or so, it was so nice just to sit outside and relax. She would come out and sweep, or straighten things, so I got to talk to her quite a bit, but I was just satisfied to just be there and chill.

Today's high point-- it was my last day in the library with SIXTH GRADERS. When I was in the classroom and actually taught sixth grade, I loved them. As their library teacher, they annoy me. A few weeks ago their teacher (who basically sits and does nothing to help discipline them when they are in there) told me she thought they would appreciate the freedom I give them while they are in my library, and couldn't believe they act like they do since they got very little freedom in the classroom. Um, yeah. Me too.

Nine and half days. Bring it on.

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