Friday, May 25, 2007

It's really 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, but to me it's still "tonight", so I changed the posting time!

Tonight B and I went downtown and killed time until "Wicked" got out-- and then stood at the stage door forevvvvvver waiting for the cast to come out so I could get some posters signed (I bought mine when we went Tuesday before last). When we saw the show a couple of weeks ago it was way too late to be waiting (it was a school night, you know) and I also had someone riding with me and didn't think I could really expect her to stay a lot later.

Tonight we got there about 10:35 and the first person didn't come out until about 11:15. We finally were done and on our way back to the car around 12:15--yikes! The gals who played Elphaba and Glinda had been giving back stage tours (an auction thing earlier this week) so they really took a long time to come out. The actors were really nice and chatty, and we met and joked around with these two guys that came down from Ft Collins to see the show. It was the first big show they'd ever seen. They were hilarious-- we exchanged email addresses--and if they ever come back down we'll probably go to dinner with them.

And now I'm exhausted and my feet hurt. And you notice I said "posters"--plural. I took the poster my principal bought and had it signed, as well. He'd better appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

He will, but he might be too scattered and overwhelmed to think about telling you he appreciates it. :)