Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kind of a nice, lazy day. Slept in, laid on the couch in my jammies for awhile and watched tv, went back to bed about 11:00 and dozed off and on til almost noon, then decided I should probably get showerd and dressed. I don't normally go back to bed like that but I had the wondow fan on and it was so cool in the bedroom and it just had to be done.

Headed down to Aur*ra about 2:00 and sat and read a magazine while buddy boy worked on some scanned music scores on his computer. We headed out later to the P*rk Me*dows area to some stores I wanted to stop in, stopped at a B&N so I could spend some of the gift certificates I had piling up (almost $100!), then home to look up what's playing in NYC these days.

Busy week coming up-- we're getting a new technology "thing" (for lack of a better word) in our school next year--some data gathering program which kids will use once a year to give teachers ideas on kid's proficiencies, or lack of them, and it means getting new computers or laptop carts and training for everyone. My wonderful principal informed me a couple of weeks ago I was the lead person on this project, and this weekend I got an email with a survey I have to have completed and faxed by Thursday. I have to account for every computer in the school and who has it and everything it's used for. I have three days to do this, in addition to my classes I'm teaching, and I am going to be gone on Wednesday. Wheeee.

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