Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A word of advice--and a favor.

It's the end of the school year. We have all just about had it with kids that are smart-mouthing, tired, whiny and late to school. And what is up with parents that are nitpicking about the least little things. Come on, people. Back off. Let it go.

Seriously, LET.IT.GO.


danelle said...

And this late in the year I am tired of teachers who don't mark spelling words wrong because "it's all about the 'trying'" and who don't lower math grades even tho the kids can't do the work because "it's all about the concept".

There needs to be a burn out test for teachers.

cb said...

That's not burn out--that's the norm for things in primary grades. For so long you have been really unhappy at that school--why are you still there?

danelle said...

It's a spelling test on words they've studied all week!

Anyway...we are trying to get out..we just keep thinking each year the teacher will be better..pft.