Monday, June 18, 2007

After a week of decompressing I think I'm ready to start my summer break. It usually takes a week or two to actually feel like I'm ready to have summer. I tend to sleep a lot at first (on Friday I slept until 11 a.m.--I NEVER do that) and try to keep a low profile. I think I'm here, now.

On Saturday we met my dad for lunch at Crackie Barrel for lunch--an early Father's Day since he's busier than both my sister and I together. I'm so glad D made the arrangements--I get so tired of being the arranger of things at school and at home. I ate what I shouldn't have, and too much. It was good, but not good in other ways.

Sat night we watched an Indian movie (dot on the forehead Indian, not whoop whoop Indian). This one is called Fire, and is one of three films by a controversial female director in India. We've seen one of the three, then this one, so we have one left.

Yesterday we went to a vocal recital which was performed by someone we saw in the last play at the ACenter. It's not something we've really done much of--kind of high-brow, but very enjoyable. I thought the price to get in was ridiculous, but sometimes you just bite your tongue and go with the flow. B had his very first vocal recital in May and I know he was very interested in seeing what someone else does during their recital. It was good for him to see how a person can really emote and entertain while performing a recital--he tends to be rather unemotional and maybe a little stiff. His voice teacher is trying very hard to get him to "just let go" when he sings. Sometimes that's a hard thing to change that when you hold back most of the time
Last night we watched Carmen Jones-- an updated (1954) version of Bizet's opera Carmen. Three of the songs in the voice recital were from Carmen and I hadn't ever seen the opera, so we stopped at the library on the way home and got this movie. Yes, it's a completely modern version but the story was the same. That Carmen, she was a piece of work.

And now, it's time to get ready for the day.

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rr said...

Love that cartoon. That is totally me all summer long! It is a beautiful thing.