Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bleh. I'm sick. It seems my labyrinthitis back, and it's making me really nauseous. I did get a last-minute appt for the doctor today--so hopefully I'll get something that will take the vertigo away.

I actually went to bed at 7:30 last night. You know it's still light out til around 9:30--but I didn't care. And we have a show tonight--that should be fun.


danelle said...

I read the at-home treatments for labyrinthitis.

"Take safety precautions for vertigo, such as keeping your home uncluttered and using nonskid mats around your house and in your bath."

You're screwed!

Seriously, what a weird name for a condition. It sounds like something people that play The Legend of Zelda get.

"I'm sorry, you've been in and out of too many castles, and now you have labyrinthitis."

Spencer said...

labyrinthitis is so NOT fun. when i had it eleven years ago, it was so bad that i didn't work for two months. luckily, i haven't had a re-occurrence. hope it lightens up a bit for ya...