Saturday, June 09, 2007

Very funny, Danelle.

I was SO glad to be able to get a doctor appt today. Calling at the last minute on a Saturday--I thought, "no way". I actually have something called "benign positional vertigo". While the symptoms are very similar to labrynthitis, it's different. There's something over the counter I can get to take care of the room spinning when I tilt my head or lay down, and there are some "maneuvers" I can do to help get those little calcium things in my ears back where they are supposed to be. The only problem with the maneuvers is that they cause extreme vertigo, nausea and possibly vomiting. I already have those symptoms, but I guess these exercises bring them on full force at first. It's supposed to be done three times a day until the symptoms go away. Wheee!

I won't be trying the maneuvers unless the symptoms don't go away in a few days. The room spinning around seems more desirable than the effects of the maneuvers. And boy does it spin. This morning when I woke up and tried to sit up, the whole room literally was in pieces spinning around. You know what you want to do when that happens? You want to close your eyes until it goes away. Do you know what happens when you close your eyes? It gets worse! I found if I can focus on one little thing (like the door handle or something) it helps immensely.

It's just nothing but fun around here.


danelle said...

Wow that sucks. I guess asking you to take Daniel for a few driving brush ups before his test is out of the question.

Let me know if you need to go to the store or something!

Laurie said...

Um, eewww!
And, where are those little calcium things supposed to be?
Sorry, sounds miserable. xoxox

rr said...

Poor you!!

Oh no! When I woke up yesterday, the room was spinning. Maybe I have the Zelda sickness too!! Oh, could have been those margaritas Todd and I put away at the golf course the night before. I forgot about those. Never mind.