Friday, June 15, 2007

Oweee oweee oweee.

Tonight we went downtown to see a show and afterwards walked awhile and found a gelato place on Larimer Square. It was oh-so-yummy (chocolate amaretto). We sat outside on a bench and enjoyed the nice night. On the way back to the parking garage I caught the toe of my shoe on a raised part of the sidewalk and took a mighty tumble. And boy does my knee and hand hurt. My kneecap really hurts--worse than I've ever had hurt. I'm hoping when I wake up it won't be the size of a basketball.

I already wasn't walking that great--I was wearing what could be considered new Birks (I had them resoled and they are seriously like brand new shoes) and since they haven't molded to my feet yet I was developing a blister on the inside of one of my feet. I stopped at two different places and asked for a bandaid--and was disappointed both times. They had first aid kits but were out of bandaids. I guess i need to start carrying my own first aid kit now.


danelle said...

I love the pictures on your posts.

Sorry you fell down and went boom..that's what you get for wearing Birks! Gah, I can't stand those shoes.

cb said...

I love the shoes, but they are so stiff when they are new like that. It was either that or wear tennis shoes. To the theatre. Which I wasn't going to do. Although now I wish I had.