Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today turned out to be chilly, windy and a bit rainy. I had planned on spending a couple of hours downtown and KTs salad place reading, etc... but it was just too chilly both outside and inside the restaurant. I did stay for a bit but not as long as I wanted to.

I did spend a few minutes during commercial breaks tonight putting a few things away, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, sort of cleaning off the coffee table, then some of this, some of that, then a little more of that. I also took my cast-signed poster of Wicked to the framer at the craft store.

Kathy Griffin is in Denver Fri night--I SO want B & I to go but $$ is a little tighter than usual right now. This past week I bought theatre tickets for a few upcoming shows, so that was a chunk o' dough. I also paid for my season tickets at the ACenter, that was a big chunk o' dough. I also renewed the license plates on my car--another chunk o' dough. All those chunks together in one week don't make the checkbook happy.

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