Sunday, June 03, 2007

Whew it's late...or early, depending on how you experience time and its rules and functions. After the Sat night performances the group always goes out to Benny-gans for food. It's lots of fun, but it's so noisy in the room they put us all the time. When I called today and let them know we were coming (because we would have at least 35 people) I specifically asked that they not put us in this narrow, long room. The manager said he couldn't guarantee it. Ack-- it was awful. We actually had close to 40 people, and with everyone talking at once the sound was magnified when it bounced off the really close walls. I had my fingers in my ears except while I was eating. And that was another bad thing--I was pretty hungry by the time we got there but it was 11:20 and it's really not a good thing to eat that late. But I had fajitas that also had sauteed mushrooms and bacon. At first it was tasted good, but after awhile I knew I wasn't going to feel so good. We didn't get our food til after midnight-- not a good plan for eating. We'll do the same thing next Sat night--I already know I will be a lot more cautious about what I eat...if I decide to eat. It seemed like the drive home was taking longer than usual--my stomach was gurgling the whole way.

The show went well, and I got an entire book finished during the performance. In this show there isn't much to do backstage except during the set change at intermission, and even that only takes about 6 minutes. Tonight I brought a book, and sat in the stairwell (because there was light) and read the whole thing. Tomorrow I guess I'd better bring two books.

One of my summer goals is to read a lot-- over the last few years I've really gotten away from it because it's not as enjoyable as it once was for me. I've been finding some pretty good books to read lately, so it's more fun, I guess. B gives me some of his as he finishes them and I do like most of them. The one I read tonight was one I was given to consider for the library, but I'll probably send it to the middle school. It wasn't that bad (one or two g-dammits) but at elementary school you have to be a little more cautious usually. It feels like censorship when I make those decisions, but I guess sometimes with little guys it's necessary.

I guess it's time to take my gurgling tummy to bed.


Laurie said...

Bleah! You have managed to put in the moment. Hope you didn't suffer all night. My sis and I went to Colorado Springs for a reunion weekend at our high school. Not anything like your reunions, and mostly enjoyable, but REALLY LOUD. I am getting to be such an old fogey. xoxox

Spencer said...

those long, narrow corridors at the front of bennigan's SUCK for regular conversations since everything resonates w/ those bare brick floors. have you guys considered going to Bull and Bush? it's a short block east of cherry, on s. cherry creek drive. they've got a room in the back which can accomodate 40-50 people. it is a little dark, but at least it's private. i think their kitchen is open late. also, what about the old chicago near colorado and louisiana?