Friday, June 01, 2007

It's definitely been...a week.

We've had a rehearsal every night Mon-Wed then the show opened last night. On T & W & Th I would get home from work as soon as I could, take a little nap, then be at the theatre until 11:00. This is no way to spend the last week of school. It makes for a very tiring day and night. I've eaten so much fast food in the last week it's ridiculous. You know how archaeologists dig up artifacts and study them? Well, the inside of my car could be an archaeological dig this past week or two. There are wrappers and bags from at least four different fast food places, and also from sbux. I rarely have trash in my car--I do have some clutter, but not trash. It's been that kind of week.

Tonight I met B down in Chairy Crick and we bummed around a bit, then headed to the new Tatter-ed Cover bookstore. I guess technically it's not that new anymore, but neither of us had been there yet. It was... unimpressive. At least when compared with the previous one. The new store is in what used to be a theatre, and they really have tried to preserve the same look of the theatre in many ways. The orchestra pit, the stage and the balcony area of the theatre are still called just that, and the layout looks like it may have been preserved somewhat. What I really didn't like was the children's section. I really loved the children's area in the old store-- this one, not so much. The lower level (bargain books) is a lot darker than I'd prefer, but since I don't remember the design team asking me, I guess they went another way.

After the bookstore we headed to Pea-berries for a cold drink. I had a buy one get one coupon, and we sat in the big comfy chairs and chatted for about an hour. It's been ages since we sat in a PB --probably because so many of them have closed and converted to sbux.

And now I'm home, catching up on whatever I haven't done in a week.

Oh, and it was the last day of school today, as well. Minor detail.


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And you hung out with meeeee!