Wednesday, July 25, 2007

40 Kids. 40 Days. No Adults.

This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Except maybe The Singing Bee.

Seriously, go watch the video. Can you say, "Lord of the Flies"?

I'm thinking our 5th graders need to do this instead of AmeriTowne. Oh yeah, I'd pay to see the 5th graders do this.


rr said...

I think that sounds SO cool! I will totally watch that show. I, however, would pay to watch someone else propose to PIE that MG kids should not go to AmeriTowne.

Laurie said...

Um, this further explains my reaction to television- slack-jawed from the siren's song of the dull-witted, voyeuristic subject matter. HOWEVER, the preview did feature some moments, both low and high, that seemed genuine.

rr said...

It was a good thing I wasn't reading your copy of that book (My Sister's Keeper) while I was sitting by the dock or I just might have thrown it right into the lake!!! I was so mad!

Thinking about you. Sending warm fuzzies. :)

cb said...

RR-- I TOLD you!! It's a wonder you're even reading my copy--I almost threw it in the ocean myself.