Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Does anyone remember that Twilight Zone episode where someone was editing a memory book for their 35th high school reunion, and they kept proofing and proofing and finding silly little things to change and then someone sent in their information late so they added it and it completely messed up the formatting and the person doing the final editing/adding had to go page by page and sometimes name by name and fix the line spacing and then that changed other things and then it started to completely spiral out of control and it seemed that the pages started having a life of their own and seemed to be changing on their own just to be funny and the person started using profanity and then she pulled all her hair out (which had just been cut into the cutest haircut, by the way) and went stark-raving mad?

Nope, me neither.

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danelle said...

I saw that. She went out for soy carmel macchiato and when she came back everything was fixed. AND..her patio door was open.
do do do do
do do do do