Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day.... Except it's summer break, so every day seems like Friday.

This afternoon I'm meeting some silly people from school and a former silly person from school for lunch. We were supposed to get together about a month ago but you know how that goes, things happen, we get busy, people pass away, you know... stuff like that.

Last night I volunteered at the front desk of the ACenter--which is my favorite thing to do there. I saw someone I went to high school with, also saw a parent from school,--that's why I like doing the front desk. I always seem to see someone I haven't seen for awhile.

When I volunteer at the desk I always take a book or something because for the first 40 mins or so it's really slow and nothing much is happening. I work the will call desk where people pick up tickets they've ordered over the phone. Since the show starts at 7:30, it doesn't really get hopping til around 7:00. Last night I took a book I needed to read for school--it's on an award list and I'll be book talking it for the kids. About 3/4 way through the book I could feel some tears starting so thought I'd wait til I got home to finish it. After about ten minutes I couldn't stand it so finished the book. It was SO good! The ending did make me cry--it was a perfect ending. Absolutely perfect. A very quick read, and such a great story. And it's by an author that most kids and teachers love. The thing is.... I don't know if I will tell anyone about it for awhile, because I want to do a book study using this book with some kids this year and I don't want the teachers to read it out loud until after a book study.

This weekend we have tickets to shows on both Sat and Sunday--it's ridiculous. By the end of the month we will have seen five shows. One of them is my favorite musical evah. Although I have quite a few favorites, this one has been a favorite for a long, long long time. Think you know what it is? Leave a comment. After ten comments , I'll tell you if you're right. I don't think I've ever had ten comments for anything--so you may never get the right answer!!


Spencer said...

ok...i'll take the bait ;) the bad thing is, i don't know which one to put down. i know these are among yer favorites:

les miserables
sweeney todd
south pacific

ONE of those has to be right!

cb said...

Tsk, tsk, Spencer. Only one guess per person! Want to try again?

rr said...

Ok, I have NO idea but I'm trying to search by brain for what it was you said you were seeing this weekend (trying to cheat here) but I just can't recall since you also talked about what you'd already seen. So...I'm going to say....Taffetas. Don't even know if that's a musical!

Laurie said...


And, for gods sake, e-mail me the name of the damn book already.