Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hump Day. But you know, when you're not working, Hump Day doesn't really mean much.

Last night FL and I took a card-making workshop at a store in town. It was great fun, and much laughing ensued. No surprise-- most times we do things together there are fits of "pee your pants" laughing. The picture over there is one of the cards we made--but the scan kind of makes it look flat and one dimensional. It's actually a layered card and the wings are kind of popping up on both birds. Those little dot thingies on the starburst thingies are little gemstone thingies. Lots o' fun.
Tonight we drove up to Birkenstock Town to see a production of Man of La Mancha. I have never seen a stage version of the show, but I did know most of the music, and did know the story. I was a bit disappointed in most of the cast, but the leads were pretty good ("Aldonza" was amazing--we'd seen her in a show before and had gone to her voice recital about a month ago). And it's hard not to love a strong voice singing The Impossible Dream.
When we got back we watched The Singing Bee--I had taped it. It was a little disappointing. A lot of flash-- a little bit of good stuff. Will I watch it again? Probably. Will I tape it again if I'm not home. Probably not.


danelle said...

I hated the Singing Bee, but am looking forward to that other lyrics show.

Why didn't you go see Harry Potter at midnight?

cb said...

Are you kidding me about the movie? I don't even really enjoy the books.

rr said...

I hated the books (so I only read the first one) but I LOVE the movies! You should give them a try. I have all of them. You could borrow.