Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Don't tell CP or KR but I'm not going to the reunion. I'm going to pack up my car and drive someplace far, far away where I don't have to talk to anyone and I will sit and read a stack of good books, eat things that aren't good for me, and sleep late. Although that's kind of been my life recently, I guess.
Okay, so I will go to the reunion but I'm not staying. Except for Thurs night, it would be kind of hard to get back from Blackhawk if I don't take the bus that we used for the ride up there. That would be a long walk home.
Last night I spent a few hours making sparkly cards with my oldest niece. It was fun, and we left covered in glitter. I'd scan one of the cards and show you, but they are in the car and I'm in my jammies. Yes, it's 10:30 and I'm still in my pajamas. Shut up.

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Cyndi said...

I have my jammies, books, and liquor....I will be waiting at the corner for you to pick me up.