Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tonight I spent some time with CP outside The Very Expensive Coffee Place talking over reunion plans. I forced her to get a drink, which is not easy since she doesn't like coffee drinks and thinks she doesn't like anything they make. She tried a tangerine blended drink and didn't die. Thank goodness.

Anyway.... I was looking through all the papers people had sent to us answering questions for the memory book we put together-- this year there were only three questions. Easy questions.

-Tell us about the last five years.
-What has been one of your life's unexpected pleasures?
-How did you spend your 50th birthday?

Can I tell you how many people can't even think of an answer for these questions? Especially the birthday one--"I can't remember" was written several times. It was three flipping years ago, people. Two years ago for some of you. I guess these folks need to get out a bit more, now don't they.


Laurie said...

Just one question- were these responses from-just a thought here- GUYS?

cb said...

Actually it wasn't all guys. I guess not everyone makes a big deal out of everything like some of us do.

rr said...

I bet they do remember, but they just don't want to say how lame it was. =)

danelle said...

1. Pretty much pure hell

3. I haven't had it yet! Muwahaha

I would have no idea how to answer the second question. None.