Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've been nursing a dull headache all day--when I wake up with one, getting rid of it seems to be challenging. My sinuses hurt as well--and even after a good flushing with the neti pot they still hurt. My knees hurt today too. I think these are all results of the weird climate we've had for some time. CO is not supposed to be this humid (61% today)-- and I'd like Al Gore to do something about it before it becomes our standard climate. I want our dry days back again. Actually, if you look at that humidity map, it looks like it's out of whack all over the place.

Tomorrow night I'm ushering downtown at one of the theatres in "the complex". I've never ushered downtown before, but this is kind of a special show and they don't use the regular paid ushers. One of the house managers at the ACenter asked if I would be interested--and I was flattered to be asked, so am going to help out tomorrow night. I'm not that thrilled with walking around downtown going back to the car after the show--usually I'm with someone when I'm downtown. It will also be really weird to be downtown by myself doing something theatre -related.


rr said...

Now TN is humid! But the view from the dock of the gorgeous lake while I'm soaking in every drop of delicious sunshine makes the humidity worth it. I did not want to come home! And to make matters worse, it is back to work next week! UGH! Ok, well not officially next week but we all know how it works.

So, pick a couple days for that back room yet?

Jenniy said...

Ugh, it was SO humid yesterday. And even though the temp wasn't really that high, it felt so, so hot... even at 9:00 when I took Katie for a walk. I wonder if it'll be humid the rest of the week since it looks like possible rain/thunderstorms all week?